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Avast VPN - Is SecureLine as good as the famous antivirus?

Avast SecureLine VPN Review 2019

Avast VPN parent company is one of the most trusted names in antivirus software, but the company has more to offer than just that. They also have an Avast SecureLine VPN service. How does this service rank among other VPN providers? Read through our Avast VPN review 2019 to find out.


Avast VPN SecureLine Features

  • No logging
  • 50 servers across 34 countries
  • 1 IP address
  • No kill switch
  • 1 device per license

Avast VPN secureline servers locations

How Does Avast SecureLine VPN Rank?


  • Ease of Use

Avast VPN SecureLine can be set up and started in a few simple steps. Just download the installer from the Avast website and run it to get started. The installation wizard will guide you through the whole process.


The app itself is also very streamlined and simple to navigate. It starts up with a brief tutorial that explains the different features for you. There’s also a mobile app that is just as user-friendly and easy to install.


  • Pricing

Avast VPN SecureLine is available with a few different pricing options. There’s a monthly subscription, a yearly subscription, a 2-year subscription, and a 3-year subscription. As you’d expect, the longer the subscription the more the monthly discount. All four plans come with the same features though, so don’t worry about missing out.


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While there is no free option available, there is a no-obligation 7-day free trial you can sign up for. The plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you get buyer’s remorse.


  • Reliability and Support

The VPN of Avast is fairly reliable but everyone has questions eventually. The answers to those questions can likely be found in the FAQs and troubleshooting guides on the official Avast website. There’s also direct customer service options for bigger problems, but they aren’t the most reliable customer service department around.



All in all, Avast SecureLine VPN is a ok choice. It’s ok for streaming, but for the price we’d expect some more features. Still, it has good speeds and easy access to some streaming services such as BBC iPlayer. It’s a ok choice for streamers and it has good security too. However, it doesn’t have the infrastructure for reliable streaming and cannot be trusted on to access Netflix. According to our latest research, Avast currently does not unblock Netflix.
While Avast might be famous on security, its VPN service SecureLine is fairly limited. At the moment, the VPN only has 50 servers in total. The main areas where the service of Avast VPN lacks are the customer service department and the range of available features.

The pros:
  • Good reputation
  • Allow P2P
  • No logs
  • DNS leak protection
The cons:
  • no Netflix
  • Pricing
  • Poor support
  • Not working in China
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Overall rating
Trustworthy but far from perfection

Avast VPN

Price - 80%
Speed - 82%
User-friendliness - 88%
Efficiency - 81%
Support - 63%
Features - 69%


VPN Score

Trustworthy but far from perfection

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