SwitchVPN - nice IP rotation function
Affordable and is suitable for a variety of purposes

SwitchVPN is a highly popular VPN provider, and it allows users to have unlimited bandwidth whilst also giving them the ability to select the server of their choice. It has a fantastic kill switch feature, which guarantees that a user’s network is never left exposed. The VPN is easy to install and use. There are gigabit-speed servers available, and torrenting is available over Dutch servers. Additionally, you can benefit from the option of a range of connection types. IP addresses are rotated to minimize the risks of being blocked by services such as Google.




SwitchVPN offers three tiers of pricing to choose from. It is $3.99 a month for premium yearly, $5.99 for families yearly, and $9.99 for the monthly family package. Additionally, there are Pro VPN plans and tailored business plans to choose from, which allow many more devices to be connected simultaneously. You can save money by paying in a yearly installment, but the option of monthly payments provides extra flexibility.




In general, SwitchVPN offers reliable networks for its customers. The speeds are also generally good; however, the reduction can be noticeable on certain location servers. The customer support is very helpful, and they are available 24/7 365 to answer any queries that you may have. The live chat feature works very well, and most issues are resolved within minutes. The trained staff are friendly and easy to talk to.  Additionally, users can also make use of the ticket system and read the FAQs on the website, which provides answers to common issues.


Closing Thoughts


SwitchVPN is a reliable VPN that you can rely on for streaming and browsing. It has 80 servers in 31 countries; however, there are a limited number of IP addresses. SwitchVPN service is affordable and is suitable for a variety of purposes.

The pros:
  • Allow P2P on some servers
  • No logs
  • IP rotation
The cons:
  • You need Business plan
  • only 3-day money back guarantee
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Overall rating
Not bad, not terrible


Price - 85%
Speed - 75%
User-friendliness - 83%
Efficiency - 83%
Support - 84%
Features - 82%


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Not bad, not terrible

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